Monday, February 23, 2009


I have dozens of websites that I log into, each having its own log in id and password. Needless to say, trying to remember these numerous log ins and passwords is a royal pain in the ***. My friend Simone recently turned me on to Robo Form, which automatically logs you into each of your accounts, without having to remember all of your passwords.

Did that make sense? I am not the most technical person, so in basic terms here is what I do.

I installed Robo Form on my computer

I log into the specific website using my user id and password (yes, you have to do it the first time).

Roboform then appears and asks if I want to save the id and password

The next time I need to access that site, I pull it up through roboform which sits on top of my browser and roboform automatically enters my id and password.

You can visit Robo Forms site here. They had some articles written about them in the Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine.

Do you have a recommended service/product you would like to share. Please email and lets help each other become more efficient.

Jay Rosensweig