Wednesday, September 10, 2008

7 Easy & Powerful Ways to Become an Expert

7 Easy & Powerful Ways to Become an Expert
by Biba F. Pédron

Are you like most of those small business owners who are very good at what they do but still struggle to get new clients and don’t know how or where to start promoting themselves and their businesses?

I work with a lot of new entrepreneurs and small business owners and one of the most frequent comments I hear is, “I don’t have enough clients and I don’t have money to spend on advertising my services, so what are my options?”.

In my book “Start Your Dream Business Today”, I cover various ways on how to get new clients and how to promote your business. (
Actually there are many things you can do to promote your products or services in order to get new clients. The good news is that most of these marketing tools are free or at least cost very little. And in addition to promoting your products or services, you get a chance to promote yourself and become recognized as an expert in your field.
Here are 7 Easy & Powerful Ways to Promote Your Business While You Become Recognized as an Expert:

1/ Publish you own newsletter – If you have read some of my previous articles or attended my program, you already know that after networking, publishing a newsletter is my favorite marketing tool. It is part of my 7 step follow-up system in my program “Power of Networking Secrets”. It is easy, cheap and very effective.
Publishing your own newsletter provides you with an opportunity to constantly and consistently communicate with your prospects and clients. Statistics show that people need to see the same message at least seven times before they buy or take action. So your newsletter will cost you a lot less than if you run an ad in a newspaper seven times.
Your newsletter will give you the opportunity to announce new products, contests and specials to your readers so that you can boost your sales. Your newsletter will also give you a chance to reactivate some of your former clients.
Always inform your contacts of what is new in your business and provide them with valuable information, if you want to keep them as your readers.
Your newsletter is the best way for your readers (which by the way are your target market) to get to know you and trust you. While your build your database, your newsletter will turn your leads into prospects and your prospects into clients.

2/ Write Articles – Regularly write articles about your field and publish them on your website, your newsletter and submit them to ezine directories and magazines. This will build-up your image as an expert and your credibility. Being published in various directories will also bring a lot of traffic to your website, so more people will sign-up to your newsletter in order to receive other information and tips from you. And then more people will buy your services or products.

3/ Write a book or an ebook – If you are comfortable with writing you can write your own book. But if you don’t want to spend months writing a book, or think that you don’t have enough to say, start with writing articles, then make a compilation of them and turn them into an ebook.
Creating an ebook is totally free, you just have to convert your word document into a PDF document. It takes only a few seconds. (You can download free PDF software online).
For example, what are the top 10 ways you can help people in your own field? You can create a document of a couple of pages to a 100 pages. Become a problem solver to your prospects and clients, they will thank you for your help and buy your ebook to find the solution.
Offering a free ebook can be a great way of attracting more people to sign-up to your newsletter.

When you sign-up for my Biba4Network Newsletter at you receive my free ebook “15 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Results”.
So why not become an author today? It is easier than you think.

4/ Host your own teleclass – Hosting your own teleclass is the same concept as writing an article. But in this case you help people live instead of on paper. It is even better because you get a chance to speak to your audience directly, answer their questions and once again solve their problems. You also get instant exposure. Hosting a teleclass is totally free. You can use various bridge lines - I personally use - it is free and very easy to use.

If you are not totally confident in becoming a speaker and hosting your teleclass, you can actually interview an expert. He or she will do most of the talking but you can still take credit since you are the one who is bringing the resources to your audience.
To hear some of my interviews, check my monthly teleseries “Ask the Expert” at:

5/ Create a product – You have your book or ebook! So you just created one product.
With your teleclass, it is even easier to create a product instantly. While you host your teleclass, the only thing you will have to do is to record it. (I use and highly recommend to do so, it is also very easy to use).

As soon as you finish the teleclass, you log on to and gain access to the recording, which you can then publish immediately or download, copy and create a CD. Then you can either sell it on your website or offer it for free as a sample of your program.
The same applies when creating a video. You can either record yourself doing a presentation or a live event and sell it on your website, or offer it for free as a sample of your program.

6/ Start public speaking – Spread the word by offering your expertise at live events, associations, networking and conferences. Select organizations who have the same target as you, so that you become THE expert in your field and build-up your name, your credibility and your database (so once again you get more people to sign-up for your newsletter).

7/ Say again and again that your are an expert and people will follow you.
Come up with a name for yourself, so people will remember you easily.

For example: The Ezine Queen, as Alexandria Brown; The Queen of Call Calling, as Wendy Weiss; The Marketing Mentors, as Adam Urbanski, The guy to call when you're tired of thinking small, as Michael Port; The Greatest, as Mohammed Ali or The Connection Queen, as myself.
The first time somebody called me The Connection Queen, months ago, I found it weird but quickly realized the impact it had on people. So I started using it more and more often, until I became confident enough to actually use it as my new brand and create my website
Become “THE GO TO GUY” in your field and you will quickly realize that people will come to you for your expertise.